Message from President

President & CEO Takeshi Saino With our quality, technology and reliability, pursuing human happiness worldwide through medical care
Kawasumi Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 1957 as first manufacturer of disposable blood collection and transfusion sets made by plastic for medical use in Japan. Since then we address technical challenges in clinical practice and have created many unique medical devices such as Japan's first coil type dialyzer and thoracic aortic aneurysm stent graft. Now we apply customer feedback in our products and services. And we improve quality and maintain stable supply all over the world.

The environment surrounding the medical device industry continues to be ever-changing both in Japan and overseas. We have to adapt our business to changing environment such as medical cost reduction, intensification of domestic and international competition and technology expansion of regeneration medicine and digital technology.We have aimed to realize human happiness worldwide through our accumulated technology and the challenge to new field. We will challenge to the new technology and commit to develop physicians & patients-centered medical devices continually as well as maintaining the core basic technologies we have grown so far.

We drive continued growth to be a favorable company for our stakeholders such as patients, their families, medical professionals and shareholders.
We appreciate your continuing support for our activities.

President & CEO
Saino Takeshi