the 2020s

2020 Oct Became a group company of Sumitomo Bakelite co., ltd. (First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
Delisted from the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

the 2010s

2014 Jul Established U.S. Representative office in Boston,U.S.A
2013 Nov Constructed the new blood bags factory in Korat
Jun Started production/sale of Aortic Aneurysm Stent Graft “Kawasumi Najuta Thoracic Stent Graft System”
2011 Sep Established European office in Germany
Apr Established new plant in Notsu, Usuki-city, Oita pref.
Started operation of Kawasumi Platech Incorporated
Jan Relocation of the headquarters office to Minato-ku, Tokyo
2010 Oct Established Kawasumi Platech Incorporated in Notsu, Usuki-city, Oita pref.
Kawasumi Platech Incorporated Kawasumi Platech Incorporated

the 2000s

2009 Oct Constructed the new PS dialyzer factory in Korat
Obtained trade rights of Therapeutic Apheresis by transfer
2007 May Signed on business and capital alliance agreement with Asahi Kasei Medical Co., Ltd. and Terumo Corporation
2006 Feb Constructed the new factory for blood bags with leukocyte reduction filters in Oita pref., Japan
2005 Oct Developed a PTA(Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty)balloon catheter "K- flow" for hemodialysis
Aug Started overseas production/sale of Cellulose triacetate dialyzer (CTA dialyzer)
Apr Established Oita Logistics Center
2004 Apr Started production/sale of blood component collection systems with leukocyte reduction filters
Jan Constructed the second factory (a factory for dialyzer) in Korat
2003 Jul Started production/sale of large-volume "Kawasumi isotonic sodium chloride solution Type L"
Jun Developed PTA (Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty)balloon catheter "K- craft" for hemodialysis
2002 Jan Started production/sales of potassium adsorption filter
2001 Dec Started overseas production/sale of blood bags with leukocyte reduction filters
Plasmapheresis Products Saiki Factory PTA balloon catheter 'K- flow' Potassium adsorption filter

the 1990s

1999 Nov Developed blood bag "KARMI CA" with the first Japanese CPDA-1 solution for autologous transfusion
Constructed Korat Plant of KAWASUMI LABORATORIES (THAILAND)CO., LTD. in Thailand
1998 Aug Constructed the most technologically advanced factory building in Saiki Plant
1995 Apr Started production/sale of Apheresis kits
1994 Sep Started production/sale of artificial heart lung products
1992 Jan Started production/sale of blood bag "KARMI ACD-MAP" with new additive MAP solution
1990 Jun Developed Polysulfone hollow fiber dialyzer "PS" series
May Established a joint venture, FRESENIUS-KAWASUMI CO.,LTD. in Tokyo, Japan
Korat Plant Apheresis kits Artificial heart lung products

the 1980s

1987 Dec Started production/sale of isotonic sodium chloride solutions in soft plastic bags
Feb Listed in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
1985 Apr Opened corporate office building in Tokyo, Japan
1983 Nov Constructed Mie Plant in Oita pref., Japan
Mar Established the sales company "Namsin Trading" in Thailand
1981 Sep Started sale of Cuprophan membrane dialyzers "RENAK" series
Isotonic sodium chloride solutions Cuprophan membrane dialyzers

the 1970s

1979 Jan Developed the world's first hollow fiber dialyzer "KF-11" with steam autoclave sterilization
1978 Mar Established a joint venture, "THAI KAWASUMI CO., LTD." in Thailand
1977 Nov Constructed Yayoi Plant in Oita pref., Japan
Feb Developed Blood bag "KARMI" series
1976 Oct Developed hollow fiber dialyzer "KF-1"
May Started production/sale of A. V. Fistula Needles
1972 Jun Developed the first Japanese Coil-type dialyzer"DC-7"
Blood bag karmi A. V. Fistula Needles Coil-type dialyzer 'DC-7'

the 1960s

1969 Sep Started production/sale of Blood tubing lines for hemodialysis
1967 May Constructed Saiki Plant in Oita pref., Japan
1964 Nov Started production in Oita pref., Japan
Blood tubing lines

the 1950s

1957 Jun Established KAWASUMI LABORATORIES, INC. in Tokyo, Japan
1954 Dec Started production of the first Japanese disposable plastic blood collection/transfusion sets