Company Data

(As of April 2018)

Company name Kawasumi Laboratories, Incorporated
Established June 26, 1957
Representative Yoshio Sakaya, President and Chief Executive Officer
Paid-in capital 6,642 Million YEN
Sales Consolidated 25,437 Million YEN
Non-consolidated 24,320 Million YEN
Number of employees Consolidated 2,783
Non-consolidated 855 (As of 30 September 2018)
Main businesses Manufacturing and sales of medical devices and pharmaceuticals
Company Stock Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Code7703)

(As of October 2018)

Head office Shinagawa Intercity Tower B, 9th Floor 2-15-2, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-6109, Japan
Plants Domestic 3 plants, Overseas 2 plants
Sales branches /
marketing offices
Domestic 3 branches / Overseas 2 sales companies, 1 marketing office
Subsidiaries and affiliates Domestic 1 company
Overseas 3 companies

(As of 21 June 2018)

Directors Representative Director & President
Chief Executive Officer
Yoshio Sakaya
Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer Takeshi Saino
Director & Managing Executive Officer Noriaki Shirahama
Director & Managing Executive Officer Takeshi Yuasa
Director & Managing Executive Officer Hiroyuki Miyajima
Director & Senior Corporate Officer Tadatoshi Ota
Director & Senior Corporate Officer Takaaki Maeda
External Director
(Audit & Supervisory Committee Member)
Shigeru Kawamura
(Audit & Supervisory Committee Member)
Yukihiro Kawano
External Director
(Audit & Supervisory Committee Member)
Tetsu Morita
External Director
(Audit & Supervisory Committee Member)
Yasumasa Kondo