Business outline

Kawasumi has been contributing in Japan and overseas to hemodialysis treatment in many ways, such as its development of the Japan's first coil dialyzer (artificial kidney) in 1972.

Today, over two million patients worldwide require dialysis treatment, and this number has been rising due to the increase in lifestyle diseases, economic growth and improvements of the social security system in developing countries. This trend is expected to continue in the future.

Kawasumi globally promotes the development, production, and sales of disposable products for hemodialysis treatment, such as dialyzers, blood tubing lines, A.V. Fistula needles, and isotonic sodium chloride solutions.


  • Membrane: Cellulose Tri Acetate(CTA)
  • Sterilization : Gamma sterilized wet-type dialyzer
    Gamma irradiation eliminates any residual adverse effect and is very safe
  • Line-up
    RENAK CTA series offers 3 types of surface areas, 1.2㎡,1.5㎡,2.0㎡
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Excellent low molecular substances removal, BUN, Phosphate, etc
  • Uniformed pore size membrane helps higher β2 Microglobulin removal and minimal albumin loss

A.V. Fistula Needle
  • Sterilization : Gamma sterilized
  • Wide product range available
  • Unique bevel design minimizes tissue damage to patient skin
  • Silicone application technology promotes smooth cannulation
Painless Needle :
  • Constant-site cannulation with not sharp needle
  • Reduce pain during cannulation
  • Prevent risk of fistula damage
  • Prevent accidental needle stick
Anti-stick Device:
  • For healthcare worker safety through the prevention of accidental needle stick injuries